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Our aim

Our aim is to develop and support beekeeping in Georgia and offer to our customers 100% natural & healthiest honey & hive products. Also we are in position to export queen bees to any interested companies or individuals in the world and support government beekeeping programs.

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Cucasian bess

Caucasian queen bees export

Our mission is to support beekeeping globally, in any region of the world and offer legendary Caucasian queen bees (Apis mellifera caucasica) for any interested companies or individuals directly from their motherland - Georgia . Caucasian bees are the most gentle bees in the world, they are winder-hardy and very productive, thanks to longest tongue and ability to fly in cool temperatures and even in light rain, that other races of bees will not dare. With all these characteristics the Caucasian bees are probably the best bees on the market today. Our quality control service assures that all exported queen bees are specially selected from breeding stock, maintaining blood lines to assure highest quality available. For almost 6 millennium Caucasian bees proved their ability and today they are considered as best choice for many beekeepers in the world. Hope our queen bees will greatly boost your production and strengthen your colonies. Hope you will have a wonderful bee year!

For more information regarding export availability or for any other questions or comments you may have please contact us at anytime.


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